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Any events in life can change every. This not only applies to emotions or money, life changing events such as marriage, becoming a widow or widower or even age will and can have direct effects on the rates and options found within your car insurance policy. Insurance companies both online and offline, look for these events and could try to jack up your rates without telling you. Keeping up on your policy on a yearly or even twice a year will help insure that you are covered no matter what life changing event takes place; even if one doesn't.

Can Marriage change my policy?
Getting married is nothing to scuff at or take lightly in any part of the planning stages. Planning a wedding isn't just limited to the tedious and at often times, minuscule things such as the color of the flowers and decorations, sending out hundreds of RSVPs, and seeing what everyone would like to eat; the steak or chicken. Many couples forget that another part of planning a wedding is ... Read more »
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