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The IBC or the Insurance Bureau of Canada has been actively convincing the British Columbians since the last four years stating that the private insurance system provides the best service and would be much better than ICBC. However, there seems to be overwhelming evidence to show that when the government takes up something and does it right, the choice between private and public would become quite obvious.

Just last week Lindsay Olso had argued on behalf of the IBC and stated that the insurance rates in B.C. would actually decline if it had to come under the private system. Olson argued on behalf of Insurance Bureau of Canada but when you go through the research conducted by neutral, independent organizations such as the Consumers’ Association of Canada, the numbers given by IBC simply doesn’t add up. The CAC studies have shown how the auto insurance rates vary across the different states throughout the country even if it is the same driver driving the same vehic ... Read more »

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