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Auto insurance major Allstate has struck a billion-dollar deal with plans to buy Esurance as well as Answer Financial from White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd as it has major expansion plans with regard to its online sales.

Thomas Wilson, CEO is now looking at ways and means to bring in more customers through the rest of the channels like the internet as the younger generation generally avoids insurance agents. Most often, online shoppers opt for insurance coverage from lesser known ins...

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Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need cash. Borrowing from your life insurance policy is one option.

Your cash-value whole, universal or variable universal life policy can appear a tempting source for a bailout, especially if you've been paying into it for years. After all, the quick-cash loan option was one of the features that sold you on permanent life in...

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California Company Joins National Benefits/Retirement Plan Provider

ISELIN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP) announced today that it has acquired USD Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (USD), a firm that will be part of USRP's national network of 403(b) providers serving the K-12 education market.

USD, with headquarters in Los Angeles, was founded in 2000 by Chris Quirarte. The firm serves clients through its eight-person Advisor team in school distric...

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A new deputy commissioner for the California Department of Insurance has been chosen.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Friday that Erika Sperbeck has been appointed as deputy insurance commissioner of the administrative and licensing services branch.

Sperbeck, who has served 19 years of her career with the state, came most recently from the California Health and Human Services Agency, where she has served as an assistant secretary.

She replaces Robin Baker, who is...

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With our universal life insurance quote engine, you can be on your way to acquiring lifetime insurance protection in no time.  Filling out the basic information required for our quote engine takes just a few seconds. After filling out this information, we recommend choosing a policy with a No-Lapse provision. This will guarantee premiums are paid to beneficiaries. Coverage is provided to policy holders up until the age of 121. This provision and other specialties c...

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Internet is showing great influence in the market place today, and there has been a significant rise in the sales through Internet. There are many websites that are dedicated solely for the quoting agents, who provide sample insurance rates in these sites, based on which the users respond. There are many brokers and agents, who provide quotes with the help of the sites of others, while there are many other brokers and agents, who have their personal sites that are dedicated solely for this...
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When you make the selfless decision to acquire life insurance for your loved ones, you want to make sure you are getting the best rates. With our life insurance quotes, we make sure you find the best policy for your money. With our life insurance quotes, you can acquire quotes for return of premium, term life, and universal life insurance, without any personal information. Once you see these life insurance quotes, you can easily compare rates from multiple companies. O...

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Auto Insurance Quotes Whether you're shopping for car insurance quotes for a new car or looking for better prices on your current auto insurance, let InsuranceQuotes....access the best online auto insurance quotes. Enter your zip code and get up to 5 different estimates from the top insurance companies.
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With our life insurance quotes , we make sure you find the best policy for your money. With our life insurance quotes, you can acquire ... Once you see these life insurance quotes, you can easily compare rates from multiple companies. Our quote engine allows for several custom life insurance quotes to ...
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...of shopping for online life insurance quotes. Check out our library of informative articles then start shopping for free insurance quotes today!...Efinancial* to provide online life insurance quotes, which are available 24/7, so you can shop at your convenience. Efinancial helps you shop for life insurance ...
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...remember while shopping for car insurance quotes online that it is important to obtain information from reputable sources, remain cautious of what information is given and ...unnecessary to obtain a simple quote. In the event that a company asks this data, the researching driver is encouraged to search elsewhere.
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...only accomplished of verdict car insurance quotes online in not a stuff of minutes, but can also base importance insurers superior to supply equal worship army.
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With our universal life insurance quote engine, you can be on your way to acquiring lifetime insurance protection in no time....you obtain instant universal life insurance quotes. Unlike our term life insurance quotes, the quotes provided for universal life insurance are meant to last a lifetime.
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Health Insurance Quotes Join the millions of people who have saved up to 20% on their health insurance by shopping for health insurance quotes online with InsuranceQuotes.com. Start shopping for health insurance quotes today and find out just how much you could ...
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...to tackle, getting multiple business insurance quotes and working with an experienced agent is the way to go. When you get right down to it, a ...
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As per recent studies conducted by online auto insurance quote it has been found that the New York City Metropolitan area’s auto insurance rates are the highest in ... Auto insurance quote owner James Shaffer has stated that the difference in auto insurance rates in rural Connecticut and Brooklyn are staggering.
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Cesar Diaz, CEO, auto insurance quote comparison site onlineautoinsurance.com states that when you look at the numbers given by NAIC and BLS you must ... For this the quotes are taken from real companies for these profiles and the changes are then tracked down to check the prices over ...
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